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Here are some of the reasons you should choose BMC Property Management as your professional property manager.

  • Effective marketing of your property.
    We take advantage of multiple sources to effectively promote your property. Some or our sources include: our website, signage at the property, internet and referrals. We are available to show your property seven days a week and can be reached for emergencies 24/7.

  • Retention of good tenants
    Finding and keeping good tenants is important to the enhancement and preservation of your investment property. We use a multiple screening process to insure the best tenants possible. Tenant screening includes credit history, criminal background screening, employment verification and current and previous rental history, landlords are contacted to verify all information.

    We know that the best way to deliver maximum profits to owners is through satisfied residents, good residents are extremely valuable and vacant units are expensive. We strive to treat all of our tenants with respect and integrity.

    We can be reached 24 hours a day to handle tenant problems or emergencies. Periodic inspections are done to insure your property is well maintained and looking it's best. Needed repairs are done quickly and effectively by qualified service vendors.

    As members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers we adhere to NARPM's strict code of ethics and standards of professionalism.

  • Proper Accounting and Lease Enforcement.
    We appreciate the importance of accurate on time accounting and funds disbursement. Our goal is to keep you, the property owner informed on what is happening with your investment.

    We send monthly statements of all expenses and income and include copies of all invoices paid for any work performed on your property. Owner's funds are direct deposited to your account by the tenth of the month or sooner provided rent is received as outlined in the lease agreement. Communication is extremely vital to great property management.

    At BMC Property Management we use clear, current and enforceable lease agreements. Our "no surprises" policy makes certain that owners, managers and tenants are clear about their individual responsibilities when it comes to the managed property. We respond swiftly to any breach of the lease agreement such as late rents, property damage or illegal activity.

  • Fair fee structures
    We offer full service residential property management for a fee of 8% of the monthly collected rent, and we offer discounts for multiple properties. We also offer a tenant finder service for a flat fee of $299. This service is for the owner that would like us to advertise their property, show the property, screen applicants and prepare the lease agreement with your information then you take it from there to manage your own property. Once a tenant is secured we deduct the flat fee of $299 from the collected funds at lease signing and send you the lease agreement, tenant contact information and the collected security deposit and balance of rent funds.

  • Peace of Mind and More
    There are many aspects to properly managing residential investment properties but perhaps the single most important reason to hire BMC Property Management as your professional manager is to have someone available when the prospective tenant calls and to make that positive "first impression", to answer questions, show the property, do the proper screening and to lease the property.

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